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The Most Common Myths About Cannabis

Cannabis is one of the few drugs about which there is much misconception. There are several reasons why people have diverse, and often false, perceptions of cannabis history, effects, safety, and future, including urban legends, isolated anecdotes, inconsistent marijuana legislation across the country, and an incredible variety of cannabis products on the market.

Whether a seasoned smoker or curious about consuming flowers, edibles, or another form of cannabis for the first time, we're here to dispel the myths that cloud your opinion and the public. Let's debunk a few of the most popular misconceptions.

“Cannabis is Less Potent”“Cannabis is Less Potent”

While not all new cannabis is made equal in terms of strength, it is commonly known that it is far stronger than what was available forty or fifty years ago. Better growing environment conditions and how farmers collect and prepare cannabis are responsible for the recent increases in THC levels.

The readily available cannabis was a mixture of leaves, stems, and flowers; therefore, marijuana consumers consumed non-THC-rich plant parts. More of the feminized flower, sinsemilla, is used in today's dispensaries. It means more THC and a higher-quality end product.

● “Cannabis Always Has the Same Effect”

Many people have only taken cannabis a few times but have generalized their limited exposure to its effects. That, however, couldn't be further from the truth. Many different strains of cannabis exist, so its users may experience different effects depending on which one they choose to consume. The high effects of edibles, vapes, and other forms of cannabis consumption are distinct from those of smoking the plant. Modern cannabis has a wide range of effects, from those that are energizing and euphoric to those that are soothing and restful.

“It Is Completely Safe to Use Synthetic Weed”

Synthetic marijuana, sometimes known as spice, K2, or fake cannabis, can be 100 times as potent as the real thing, but you'll struggle to find any in a safe environment. Most synthetic cannabis on the market today is produced with extremely dangerous ingredients that can cause psychotic episodes, hallucinations, and even vomiting. It is why you must shop from a reputable supplier of organic cannabis.

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