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Namu Live Resin – Sherblato




Namu Live Resin by Sherblato is a high-quality disposable vaper. It has a predominantly indica strain with potent and intoxicating effects.

It’s 1 gram of live resin oil with rechargeable battery and a myriad of scents come from here to there.

Experience the pinnacle of vaping with Namu disposables, available at Weed Delivery Carlsbad. SWith its tart citrus profile and gas notes, Sherblato, a hybrid of Sherbert and Gelato, promises a flavorful and powerful journey with every puff. uickly becoming a West Coast favorite, this strain delivers tingly, buzzy effects that relax both mind and body without overwhelming you. Discover our extensive cannabis collection today, where we deliver excellence directly to your doorstep!


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